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Larry Fessenden’s horror-infused exploration of loss, addiction, paranoia, and madness in 1990s New York has continued to resonate in the three decades since its US release.

Alcoholic Sam (played by Fessenden himself) having recently lost his father and split with his girlfriend Liza (Heather Woodbury) finds solace with the mysterious, unpredictable Anna (Meredith Snaider), who he meets at a Halloween party hosted by his friend Nick (Aaron Beall). But there’s something strange about the seductive Anna, and as their relationship progresses Sam’s grip on reality begins to crumble.

Recently the subject of a twenty-film retrospective at MoMA, Fessenden and his production company Glass Eye Pix are beginning to receive the recognition they deserve for a four-decade legacy of intelligent, auteur-driven, low-budget filmmaking and their nurturing of emerging talent as diverse as writer/directors Ti West and Kelly Reichardt.

This UK premiere screening will be followed by a Q&A with Habit writer, director, editor and lead actor, Larry Fessenden who will discuss the film and the broader role of Glass Eye Pix since its formation in 1985.

Special thanks to Larry Fessenden for his support and participation.

Introducing HABIT essay
An essay by Lost Reels curator Geoffrey M. Badger on the UK premiere of Habit and Larry Fessenden's fiercely independent production company Glass Eye Pix
Habit Title

Directed by Larry Fessenden
USA 1995
Colour 112 minutes


Larry Fessenden
Meredith Snaider
Aaron Beall
Patricia Coleman
Heather Woodbury
Jesse Hartman