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To celebrate the 16mm projection format and the art of double bill programming, Lost Reels has launched a series of 16mm double bill screenings at The Cinema Museum in London.

Furthering the mission to bring forgotten, lost, or unavailable films back to UK cinemas, the 16mm programme focuses on classics, curios, and forgotten gems rarely seen in theatres, and even more rarely on film. For some of the titles, the only prints available are 16mm.

Each double bill is designed to provoke thought, conversation and response. Typically an acknowledged classic will be shown with something more unusual, obscure, or even radical. The intention is for each pairing to seem inspired.

16mm is a modest but enduring format. Introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1923 it celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Serving student and professional filmmakers since its inception it was the primary format for small regional cinemas, television stations, airlines, army bases, schools, libraries, and film clubs for decades. Even though prints and equipment are increasingly difficult to find there’s still an active 16mm film culture with a passionate collectors’ base, marketplaces, and exchanges.

16mm projection has its own visual aesthetic and the hope is these screenings will continue this tradition and preserve it both in the minds of individuals and the collective film culture.

Enjoy 16mm by Lost Reels.