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Lost Reels is an independent film programming and research organisation based in London with the mission to bring forgotten, lost, or unavailable films back to UK cinemas. It’s a project with two primary goals: to provide rare, memorable screening experiences, and to promote the enduring value of the films selected.

Lost Reels is an evolution of Lost Vampires, a season of out-of-circulation vampire films developed as a film curation project at the National Film and Television School. The first Lost Vampires screening was Nadja (1994), Michael Almereyda’s surreal black-and-white US independent film, unavailable in the UK for almost three decades. The rights search led directly to executive producer David Lynch and the only surviving 35mm print in Europe was discovered at a small distributor in Spain. There were further Lost Vampires events in 2021 and 2022 and its successor Lost Reels is also now well-established. Lost Reels also runs a series to celebrate double bills and 16mm projection at London's Cinema Museum with rare film-on-film screenings mostly from vintage one-of-a-kind 16mm prints.

Curated by lifelong film enthusiast and collector Geoffrey M. Badger, every Lost Reels screening reflects a deep commitment to the film, venue, and audience. Newly designed posters, trailers, original essays, director and cast Q&As, and other elements are developed to give the film the maximum opportunity to reach its new or returning audience.

Join us for a Lost Reels event, and if you’d like to get in touch don’t hesitate to use the contact information from the link above.