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Rarely screened cult musical is one of the boldest and strangest films ever to emerge from the UK, a unique collaboration between director Alan Clarke, writer Trevor Preston and composer George Fenton.

Up-and-coming snooker player, Billy Kid (Phil Daniels) is manipulated by his debt-ridden manager, T.O. (Bruce Payne) into a high-stakes grudge match with The Vampire - world champion Maxwell Randall (Alun Armstrong) – the loser agreeing never to play the professional game again. With a rousing musical score performed in surreal theatrical settings, the drama builds to a truly nail-biting snooker game climax. Part gangster parody, part rock opera, part social commentary, critic Peter Wollen described it as “arguably [Alan Clarke’s] best film” and Anne Billson proposed it was one of the “most undervalued and underseen” films of the 1980s.

Lost Vampires is proud to present a special 35mm screening of this one-of-a-kind cult classic together with a live Q&A featuring actors Phil Daniels, Eve Ferret and Louise Gold.

Special thanks to Phil Daniels, Eve Ferret and Louise Gold for their support and participation.

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Lost Reels curator Geoffrey M. Badger describes how Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire was brought back to the screen
Billy Kid Title

Directed by Alan Clarke
UK 1986
Colour 93 minutes


Phil Daniels
Alun Armstrong
Bruce Payne
Louise Gold
Eve Ferret
Don Henderson